Wednesday, May 6

Lady Ann back in the water

Yesterday Lady Ann went back into the water after this long winter break. It was nothing really dramatic as such, but as I had been doing some maintenance to the fuel system, I was not completely sure if the engine would start without any problems, due to air in the fuel system. But there were no problems at all, everything went ok. Alfred was kind enough to come out with public transport to the marina to give moral support. Actually, the real reason was to assist if the engine would stop suddenly during the transport to the jetty. It is always better to be two onboard than alone, in such a situation.

Alfred could also help me to take out the mast from the shed. This is normally no problem, but this year a really big mast was stored just outside Lady Ann's mast, so we had to move that one first, to be able to ours out. So now is the mast is on the trestles and will be attended to over the week-end, and hopefully we will raise the mast during next week.
It’s getting closer to the first trip for the season. But it is not really any big hurry, as the water temperature is still very low.