Saturday, May 16

Life raft and dingy on board, but two battens are missing??

Today, we started to load Lady Ann with all the equipment needed for the coming season, so both life raft and the rubber dingy are now placed on deck. When I prepared for setting the sails, I discovered that the two lower battens for the main sail were missing??!!
We always place them on deck in the autumn, when we take down the main sail for the season. All four battens for the main sail and also the three battens for the sun roof are always stored on deck during the winter to the next season, as they are too long to take home in the car. How they went missing is a mystery. We think they got missing already in the autumn before we took the boat up, as we have no recollection of seeing them when we were preparing the boat on land this spring. That the two longest ones have blown into the water before we took up the boat is not likely, so probably someone has actually stolen them. Anyhow we just had to contact the sail maker UK Syversen to get two new ones, which I will collect during the week.