Thursday, May 14

The mast is up and the rig is tuned

Yesterday afternoon we got the mast up. I got help from Alfred and Laban this time, and the actual event of raising the mast was quite easy this time, thanks to the arrangement with the adjustable fix point up the mast for crane wire (described in last years blog). Now the mast can just be raised by the crane and hang in the wire, while we attach the fore and back stay, as well as the shrouds.
But there is always something that happens, this year it was me getting too existed over something, and was stumbling around on deck, and suddenly one of my shoes left my foot and feel into the water!! Luckily it was floating a while, so Laban could get it up before it sunk. Except from that everything went OK.
On our way back to the jetty, I discovered that the log didn't work properly, it was pending from 1 to 25 knots before it went quite and just showed 0 knot. This could be something which needs replacement.

This afternoon I tuned the rig and prepared for the sail later on in the week. So we are slowly getting there, this year too.