Friday, May 22

The sails are up and the first trip for the season

Yesterday was the first trip for the season, so at last we could check so everything was working as expected. It was a nice day with overcast and sunshine, with a southerly wind, the water is still fairly cold, 7-8 degrees. As soon as the sun disappeared behind a cloud, you could feel the cold wind. Anyhow, it was nice to be out on the water.

We decided early to just do a day trip, and sail around Ornö. We started from Karlslund up to the north tip of Ornö, Ornö huvud, and the thru the narrow sound between Ornö and Kymmendö. Then it was a tight cruise down toward Fjärdlång and then thru the sound at Långbäling south of Ornö and back to Dalarö.
A few minor problems were discovered, the speed log didn’t work and the ship’s clock didn’t strike. So there will be a few things to fix.