Thursday, June 18

At work the day before midsummer

I will finish work early this afternoon, and start preparing for the sailing trip over the Midsummer weekend, which start today actually. We will not sail out until tomorrow morning, and we will meet up somewhere in the archipelago with the Kaufmanns.

Just a quick summary of the season start. Completely hopeless, it has been the coldest June so far in 50 years, with rain and gale force winds. I have only been out by myself for 2 day trips to test a few things on the boat, and prepare for the holiday. The log is now working. I had to change the transducer. Also the ship’s clock is back in the salon, and is striking again. The bikes are also onboard.

The plan is to use this Midsummer weekend to check that we have everything on board, that we will need for the coming holiday trip.