Thursday, June 25

Still at work, but now it is after midsummer

So much for planning. Because of the hopeless weather at Midsummer Eve, we never went out with Lady Ann. We decided to celebrate Midsummer with the Kaufmanns at home in Huddinge-by-the-Sea (Lake Trehörningen, if you wonder). And then, even if the weather picked up a bit, we stayed home both Saturday and Sunday, to fix a few things in the garden.

This week however, the weather has really improved. With a high pressure over the Nordics and temperatures over 25 degrees and sunshine, it is the real summer. We are now preparing to leave Dalarö with Lady Ann on Saturday and move her down to the south of Sweden, where we will start our summer holiday the 5th of July.
Peter and I will leave on Saturday for Nynäshamn, where we pick up Laban on Sunday morning, and then we will start sailing south. Due to wind and weather we will see where we end up, but the plan is to sail to Simrishamn at the south tip of Sweden, where I will stay on the boat and wait for Janet. She will come down with the train at the end of next week.
The nice weather will hopefully continue until at least the middle of next week.