Monday, July 6

Allinge Harbour Jazz Festival

A short message from your local reporter at Allinge Harbour’s 28th Jazz Festival. The official start is today at 14:30 at the Grand Stand. It has already started before lunch at the other side of the harbour, at the Allinge Harbour Grill. When I saying that Lady Ann is in the middle of it, it is an understatement. The Grand Stand and the temporary harbour bar is just between 5-15 meter from Lady Ann's foredeck.

This is a trade jazz festival with names like Goosetown Jazzband, Rivavel Jazzband, New Orleans Delight and the very Doghouse Cats. The difference from a pop festival is not just the music, it is also the audience, here we have a 60+ crowed, and the Tuborg beer beeing the most common drink.

Before lunch and all that Jazz, we went for a walk up to Sandvik and the lighthouse Hammer Odde, the north point of Bornholm. We experience also again nice summer weather with an almost clear blue sky and hot and bright sunshine.