Thursday, July 9

Biking on Bornholm again.

Yes, we are still in Hasle and we will probable be here for another day or two. It is because of the gale force winds in the whole of the Baltic waters, including the southern Baltic around Bornholm. It started already last night, so it was a slightly unrest full night, as we had two other boats outside Lady Ann.

This morning the biking started with a tour to the local baker, and also to pick up a bag of new potatoes. They are sold at an unattended stall outside some private house.

After a late breakfast it was time for today’s second bike session, as the buses are fairly scares due to this Sunday time table business.

Anyhow we started a bike tour to Vang 10 kilometers north of here along the coast. It was a quite spectacular trip as we rode along the waterfront, and the quite heavy waves, due to the gale force winds, rolled in over the seabreakers along the coast.

We biked to Vang and back again in fantastic sunshine and a quite warm wind. So the weather is still with us except for the winds, which are not as last year, unfortunately. But it can only improve, so we have to wait and see.