Wednesday, July 8

Bus tourism around Bornholm

We stayed today in Hasle to tour the island a bit, changed the bikes to local buses, a slightly more convenient way to tour around. Unfortunately there were some problems with the buses so they used the Sunday timetable, so the buses were quite scares.

We probably go back to bikes tomorrow. Nevertheless, we went today to Rönne and then to Nexö. The town of Nexö on the east side on Bornholm was not much, but the bus ride across the island was quite spectacular and also the small villages in the centre of the island. In Nexö we went to the local “pub”, and had a bear with two “smörebröd” (a local open sandwich).

Janet is also reading all that she can get about the Bornholm history; she will become an expert if we stay here much longer.

The weather forecast predict some strong winds from SW the coming two days. So our stay on Bornholm could be longer than we initially planned.