Thursday, July 30

A day in Vänersborg

So what do you do in Vänersborg, when you are waiting for a little better weather to cross Lake Vänern. There will be a near gale force wind tonight and tomorrow.

Well, the captain has done his apprenticeship in the galley, he did the washing up and the general cleaning. He was also on duty keeping a close watch over the washing procedure. It was a major responsibility, as there were 3 machines going at the same time plus 3 tumble dryers.

Below is how a sailing boat can look inside sometimes, you never see these pictures in the Hallberg-Rassy sales brochures or in boat magazines.

Janet is not cooking coffee, she is using an old ironing method, I have been told. Looks like coffee cooking to me though. I will wait and see if coffee coming soon, it is the right time of the day.

A disadvantage with staying put in the harbour for a day or two, is that you loose out on the "angörare", also called "einen anleger". One way around that is to join others as they anchor up in the harbour. There will be one "angörare" per boat coming in, so it will be a busy afternoon with quite a few drinks.