Sunday, July 26

Four days in Varberg

Yes, so what do you do in Varberg four days while the wind is howling in the harbour and the general wind direction is from the wrong direction for the trip to Gothenburg.

- you can rent a car and drive around the country side and visit harbours by car, ie. Bua and Träsklövsläge.
- you can pick mushrooms (Kantarels), in the market if you can't reach the right forest.
- you can listen to Jerry Williams in the Park.
- you can have coffee with a new baked cake by Janet.

- or even have a nice evening dinner at the Old Pavillion.

So it is plenty to do, but anyhow a bit irritating not to be in total control, and leave when you planned.

And just to make the last day complete, we woke up in the morning, to see that our green sign had turn red overnight.

This means that the owner of the anchorage is arriving in a day or two. So we had to go to another place during the day, for our last night.