Tuesday, July 7

Hasle, Bornholm

After a short trip this morning we arrived in Hasle harbour on the North West coast of Bornholm. We left Allinge early at 7:30 am and arrived at 10:00 am. The distance was only 10,5 miles.

After a late breakfast, we unloaded the bikes and went of for a biking adventure. The goal was Rönne, the major city of Bornholm, to both look at the town and the guest harbour. The harbour didn't offer much more than Hasle, and was very crowded. So we will not swap tomorrow to Rönne as we earlier planned. The old town of Rönne was really beautiful, with a lot of picturesque small houses and a lot of flowers. Janet enjoyed it thoroughly. However, the bike ride, over 15 kilometers, was quite an effort with these small bikes. They are mainly used for short trips as to the harbour master and the local bakery. We will now devote our attention to Hasle this afternoon and evening and see what Hasle can offer.