Tuesday, July 14

Klagshamn 55 31,3N 12 53,5E

We arrived at Klagshamn this afternoon at 14:30, after a 43 mile trip from Ystad this morning at 07:30, through the Falsterbo canal.

Klagshamn is a very tranquil little harbour, with plenty of free places. They use the red/green sign system, and had plenty of green signs when we arrived. It is very likely that there will be quit a few places free this evening for late arrivals.

We are tied up at poles again. We are soon going to experts on this system, which I prefer from buoys.

We have a marvelous view over Ă–resund and the big bridge over to Copenhagen and Denmark.

We are now having a late afternoon drink before dinner, in a very quiet environment away from the very big boats, which we had very close to us when we were in Ystad. Here are we and another HR352 from Denmark, the biggest boats.