Wednesday, July 15

Kyrkbacken, Ven

We are now in the middle of Öresund between Sweden and Denmark on the island of Ven, which is part of Sweden since 1658 or something. But using the telephone or the mobile internet you think you are in Denmark, they are all Danish operators. Also a couple of boats in the harbour were not sure either, as they had the Danish guest flag hoisted.

Anyway we know where we are, and that is very different from yesterday in that very quiet place Klagshamn, compared to Kyrkbacken. here there are between 4 to 6 boats laying in parallel along the harbour. It reminds a lot about a camping ground.

The trip up today was very enjoyable, with nice sailing under the Öresund bridge. We also missed a thunderstorm over Malmö, we just got the wind, which just improved the sailing.

We left Klagshamn this morning around 08:00 and arrived here around 13:30. It was getting fairly full already then.