Monday, July 27

Lady Ann in Gothenburg

After a pretty long day with rain and strong winds, we arrived at Gothenburg outside the Opera house at around 17:00. We did try to stop already around 14:00 at Donsö in Gothenburg's southern archipelago, but with a very crowded harbour and a wind of around 12 m/s, we decided to continue to the central of Gothenburg. As we are going up the river Göta Älv tomorrow, we will just continue from where we are.

We left Varberg this morning at 08:15 for this 47 mile trip to Gothenburg, we knew that it would be raining and windy, but this was the only day for almost another 5 days according to the weather forecast, that gave us an south - south westerly wind. So we had rain again and a wind around 10-13 m/s and with pretty heavy seas as it had been blowing a heavy westerly wind for about 4 days.