Tuesday, July 21

Meeting friends in Torekov

We are still in Torekov, and are likely to be here another day or two. We need the time to see all of our friends and also to let Janet rest her leg and knee, to see if the knee will be better. Also the weather makes departure questionable as a gale storm started last night in these waters and will continue for the rest of today. We have a steady wind of around 14-15 m/s with peaks up to 16-17 m/s.

Yesterday we had a visit from Helena and Fredrik and their two boys Elis and Anton. Fredrik is the son of our friends Ann-Kristin and Leif from Gothenburg, who have a house down here for the summer seasons. So during coffee and a cake that Janet had baked, we gave the young boys an introduction to s/y Lady Ann. They decided that they wanted a sailing boat for themselves and if they took all their savings around 35-50 SEK they were convinced they could afford a boat like Lady Ann, they are 7 and 3 years old.

Today at lunch time we meet up with our old neighbors from Huddinge-Hill, Elsebet and Bengt and their daughter Kristina with husband Anders and their two girls. We had a lovely lunch at their place at Ramsjö strand with a marvelous view over Skälderviken.

This evening we had a lovely dinner with the Librants, as Ann-Kristin and Leif came come down from Gothenburg this afternoon. Leif brought a “Wulcan”-protection for Janet’s knee, to give the needed support to the knee.