Friday, July 17

Mölle by the Sea

We are now in Mölle-by-the-Sea as this little place was once called during the 1920, when it became fashionable with mixed bathing in the cold sea. It is a fantastic little harbour beneath the mighty Kullaberg and with Kullen’s lighthouse at the outmost point of Kullaberg.

We got a nice spot in the inner most harbour, when we arrived yesterday. We had a lovely meeting with Barbro and Anders with a drink and dinner in the boat yesterday evening.

Today we borrowed Barbro's car and went into Höganäs to load up on our stores.
Then we had lunch at Barbro and Anders place, a fantastic place just by the water and a marvelous view over Öresund and Kattegat with Denmark in the horizon.

We then went to Kullaberg and walked down to Lars Wiik's artwork Nimis.

We will have a dinner together tonight in Mölle harbour and we will stay here even tomorrow as there is worse weather on is way with gale warnings for this night and tomorrow.