Sunday, July 19


We have now arrived to Torekov on the Bjäre peninsula, where we are going to stay a couple of days. It was a short trip this morning from Mölle to Torekov, around 12 miles and it took about 3 hours in a fairly weak westerly wind. It was a lot of "old-sea" from yesterday’s heavy winds, so the trip was fairly uncomfortable.

We got a space on our own on the outer part of the sea breaker, so it is quite god. However there are some problems onboard. The first problem is that the Plotter (Raymarine) has packed in, this means that we lose not only the plotter but also the radar and AIS-receiver. We have to use our backup the old Garmin GPS, so we can set up waypoints and so on.

The really serous problem is that Janet has hurt her knee, and has big difficulties to walk, which means that she can not be engaged as deck hand anymore. That means that the captain now has to do deck hand duties. Further more, there are rumors saying that the old deck hand (Janet) is going to only do steering and navigation duties, and leave the old on-deck duties to the captain. Wasn't that called mutiny in the old days?

The really tricky question is can women steer ships, and if they can what is left for us men. We all hope that Janet really gets well quick, so we don’t need to answer all these tricky questions. But primarily so that she can enjoy her holidays, as it is not much of a sailing holiday just being left on the boat not being able to walk around in the harbours and the surroundings.