Tuesday, July 28

Trollhättan, Spikön

We arrived at Spikön in Trollhättan at 17:45 today and as it became a little late in the day, we decided to stop here between locks, as the harbour in Vänersborg could be full.

We left Gotheburg early at 07:10 to go up the river Göta Älv and try to make all in a day with all the bridges and locks close to Trollhättan. To Spikön it was 47 miles, which was as long as yesterdays trip from Varberg. We had sun shine for most of the trip along the river with one or two showers, so we had our wet gear on. It was not much of a view at the start close to Gothenburg, mostly industrial estates along the river. It picked up though, and it became a rather nice scenery as the trip went on.

Close to Trollhättan it was time for the locks. First it is a minor lock at Lilla Edet, and then the enormous locks at Trollhättan. The lock technique was to manage two boat hooks, one in front and one at the rear, as we went up in the lock. It is not very advanced or modern in any way, but that how you do it.

This picture is from one of the small locks. We were to busy in the big locks to take any photos of our own. But I can assure that it was taken many photos and videos from the over 100 spectators, we and another boat had on our trip up the locks.