Thursday, July 23


Lady Ann arrived in Varberg today around 15:00 after a pretty wet trip from Torekov, which we left early this morning around 7:00. The trip up here was 43 miles and we had a south easterly wind, weak at the beginning but it picket up during the day, up to 9-10 m/s at lunch time. So it was both motor and sail.

But the trip was wet, very wet. It was like sailing in a constant shower, everything became wet through. I can't remember I have ever experienced something like it. On yesterday’s weather report on TV, the little weather man was talking about a low pressure from France coming over Denmark, and they were not sure where it was going. We know for sure, it went on us.

Anyhow Lady Ann are now tied up in the inner harbour in Varberg, and we all are drying up.