Sunday, July 12

Ystad, Sweden

Yes, Lady Ann is back in Swedish waters again after a week "abroad". The stay in Bornholm became a little longer than we initially planned. But due to the "bad" weather, we were stuck a few extra days and we have also changed our plans a bit.
However, we set out this morning at 08.30 with Ystad as the destination, and it was a real nice trip in moderate SW winds at 5-8 m/s, so with an open reach at 6-7 knots, we made the trip in 6 hours.

Janet was in total control of the steering of Lady Ann trough the traffic controlled trafik lanes between Sweden and Bornholm. On the plotter the traffic looks like gang of wasps around Lady Ann. She found a gap and with full speed of 7 knots we just sailed through.

Ystad is a very nice place itself with old buildings and is very typical for the south of Sweden and the region. The guest harbour itself is very nice and we got a very good spot as we came in early today. Here you can find boats of all kind, from old nice wooden boats to Hallberg-Rassy 48 footers, among the more normal sizes of around 33-37 foot.