Thursday, August 20

Out for the day

Due to the weather there has been no real opportunity for any sailing trips. Another reason is that the summer vacation is over and we are back to work.

However this Thursday was an exception, I took the day of from work for a one day sailing trip just outside Dalarö. It was a clear blue sky with a reasonable wind, which increased significantly as the day progressed. It started as a SW wind 4-6 m/s, the wind veered to S and increased to 9-12 m/s.
I passed Dalarö Skans and headed towards Jungfrufjärden and Mörtö-Bunsö. Instead of stopping of in the bay of Mörtö-Bunsö for lunch, I had my lunch on the way.

On the way back I just crossed Jungrufjärden towards the north of Edsön, where I took down the sails and motored home passing the town of Dalarö on the way.

So it was a nice trip in good wind and sunshine, as it should be. Perhaps a little to windy to be a relaxed sailing trip.