Thursday, August 6

Göta kanal, Lake Roxen

We started today already at 08:00 and sailed over Lake Boren to today’s first lock at Borensberg. That is an old manual lock with not any significant height difference really. We were passing not only the famous Göta Hotel at Borennsberg, but also the traditional canal ship Diana, goes from Stockholm to Gothenburg on regular basis during the summer season.

After a very nice trip along the canal for over 2,5 hours with a lot bridges to open, we came closer to the lock system at Berg. Today’s total were 15 locks, which included the 7 lock system at Berg, The Carl Johan locks. We took anchorage at the guest harbour below the lock system at Lake Roxen at around 14:45. So the Grand Total for the day is 43 locks.

We had to leave at 18:00, because it to full of people sun bathing along the canal and swimming in the locks. It was just too much, when the local beer gangs came along around five o'clock for their beers and evening swim.

We left and went over the lake Roxen towards Norsholm. We anchored in a bay in the eastern part of Roxen for the night and had a lovely dinner in the sunset, watching a pair of sea eagles hunting.

We also had the first view of the traditional August Moon.