Saturday, August 8


Lady Ann left Söderköping 09:05 this morning after a very quite night in the guest harbour. We left as soon as the lock opened, and together with Jan from Karlstad in an Elan 333 (boat neighbour with Jan Magnusson). We took the 3 last locks down to Mem.

Then it was Slätbaken, where we prepared the ship for sailing again. There were a few things, which have got some marks from the locks.

We then passed Stegeborg on our way out to the Baltic.

After the total of 58 locks, the deck hand's comment was, "No more locks this season, the lock season is over!"
The captain enjoyed a simple lunch and agreed.

We arrived at Ringsön around 17:20, and we took an anchor position very deep in the cove. The trip was 48 miles, and we are planning to take the last bit to the home harbour tomorrow.