Sunday, September 13

A week-end trip in September

At last, there was a week-end with good enough weather to do a trip out in the archipelago. We had tried earlier in late August and early September to have a get- together with both Kaufmans and Sturms. But bad weather forecast and some crayfish parties had spoiled that intention. Nevertheless this week-end we had planned to meet up with Ossie and Barbro. Unfortunately Hilka, Alfred and Smila had already left the Baltic for the lake Mälaren, where they have their home port.

Saturday was really a nice day with a light SW wind and beautiful conditions for a nice sailing trip. The view south towards Mysingen was just perfect, spoiled only by a motorboat.

We had decided to meet up at Murtö-Bunsö, a trip of just 13 miles. So we were there already at 13:00. This was the first overnight trip out in the archipelago for this season.

We had a nice evening together with Kaufmans. On Sunday, unfortunately, the wind had shifted towards North, so we had the wind and waves straight in on our anchorage. When it started to rain also, we decided to head back home already before lunch.

It was a nice trip anyway; it is always nice to meet up with friends.